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Become A CFRE!

CFRE (Certified Fundraising Executive) is a prestigous international certification of proficiency and practice in fundraising.  It is the primary credential for career fundraisers for practitioners, employers and the public.

For details on becoming a CFRE, please contact Anita Miller, our Certification Chair, at Or, you can start by perusing the CFRE website at

The Northwest Pennsylvania Chapter of AFP is proud to have the following individuals on board as CFREs:

  • Dr.Nina Bell, CFRE
  • Gary L. Bukowski, CFRE
  • Jennifer A. Farrar, CFRE
  • William F. Grant II, CFRE
  • Kristina Huber, CFRE
  • Judy Lawrence, CFRE
  • Vonda J. Marrow, CFRE
  • James W. Martin, CFRE
  • Kimberly McCaslin, CFRE
  • Dr. Emma Lee McCloskey, CFRE
  • Anita Miller, CFRE
  • Mary M. Temple, CFRE
  • Bruce Whitehair, CFRE
  • Margie Taylor, CFRE